ezra xenos



ezra xenos the person (no, not the winkel) is from brooklyn, was raised in leverett, and lives in amsterdam now.  he supports the mets, tottenham, ajax, fiorentina, giants, rangers, and yes, even the knicks.  he roots for barcelona too, because it's the right thing to do.

this is about what he does for work.

ezra is the founder of Whale.  whale is a production partner that helps people make things.

he was formerly an Executive producer at HALAL the head of production at sid lee in amsterdam, the head of production at anomaly in amsterdam, the head of production at sid lee back when they called it jimmy lee, a senior producer at nike in hilversum, the head of production at hero content in new york, a freelance line producer, agency producer, production manager, production coordinator, production assistant, and unpaid intern.  he also worked in the restaurant kitchen of a taiwanese ex-banker, but that was a long time ago.

he has worked on a lot of projects, some of which have won advertising awards, been released in theaters, aired on television, or earned other accolades that were a credit mostly to everyone else who participated in them.  he judges things sometimes, for organizations that are probably above him.